Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Resource Developer


The Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Resource Developer will support the expansion of deaf service resources, provide training and expertise to regional center staff and coordinate with the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) on statewide efforts. This position provides agency-wide support for individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and have developmental disabilities, identifying and developing resources to provide improved services and supports.


Completion of a Master’s Degree preferred in public administration, business administration, psychology, criminal justice, social work or a related field.  Two years’ experience after graduation in the field of developmental disabilities including some experience in the area of program evaluation.


 Completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in public administration, business administration, psychology,

Criminal justice, social work or a related field.  Two years’ experience in a position at a Regional

Center involved with program evaluation and monitoring.


A Bachelor’s Degree in a related field and four years’ experience working in the field of or similar to that of developmental disabilities.

Minimum qualifications may be waived depending on the agency need for specialized skills (such as language abilities).


Fluently communicate both receptively and expressively in American Sign Language.

Ability to provide personal automobile transportation, or access to another form of reliable transportation, during and after working hours.  Provide minimum automobile liability insurance as required by California Law.

This position will be primarily based in the office, however, remote work may also be available.

Under a mandate issued by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) on September 28, 2021, all Regional Center Employees must be fully vaccinated by November 30, 2021, or be approved for a medical or religious exemption by NBRC. If offered a position at NBRC, all newly hired employees will be required to provide proof of vaccination, or to engage with NBRC in an interactive discussion regarding a potential medical or religious exemption.

We offer our employees an all-inclusive compensation and benefits plan, including:
• Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
• Life Insurance and Long Term Disability
• Retirement plan – CalPERS
• Vacation Time and Sick Leave
• Training and Orientation
• Paid Holidays

Salary Range:

$57,648 – $77,292 with opportunities for 5% increases annually.

Company Overview

At North Bay Regional Center we believe that all people with developmental disabilities should have the same opportunities as are available to all other citizens. As one of the 21 nonprofit Regional Centers throughout California, we offer a comprehensive program supporting the needs of our communities, provided by driven and passionate employees who ensure that we achieve our goals daily.