DDS HCBS Final Rule Training 10/1/20 – Strategies for Providing Services in Alignment with the Final Rule

On Thursday, 10/1/20, DDS is hosting a training for stakeholders on Strategies for Providing Services in Alignment with the HCBS Final Rule.

This training will be from 10 am to 12:30 pm and held via webinar. It will focus on the intent of the HCBS Final Rule, the importance of person-centered planning, and implementing practices that consider both in the way services are provided. Examples of strategies for achieving alignment will be provided for each of the federal requirements. There will also be the opportunity to brainstorm and reflect on your current practices to see where some of these strategies may be applied to achieve alignment.

A copy of the informational flyer can be found here.

To register please use this link:

Identified providers must come into compliance with the HCBS Final Rule by March 17th, 2023. More information about the HCBS Final Rule can be found on the NBRC website here or the DDS website here.