Requests for Proposals

Social Recreation Grant

NBRC is pleased to announce the Department of Developmental Services’ (DDS) Social Rec Grant.  Below please find the Request for Proposal as well as a link to the DDS website with additional information about the Social Rec Grants.


DDS Social Rec Grant Information

Social Recreation Flyer RFP 2022

Grant Timeline

Grant Activity Timeline
Release of Request for Proposal (RFP) to Public November 7, 2022
NBRC’s Technical Briefing November 30, 2022
Proposals due to NBRC for Review December 20, 2022
NBRC Submits Proposals to DDS January 31, 2023
DDS informs NBRC of awarded grant projects and final RC funding allocation amounts are confirmed February 28, 2023
Grant contracts due to DDS March 31, 2023
All awarded projects must begin on or before April 1, 2023
Grant project completion deadline –  reports due to NBRC December 1, 2023
Final RC payments to grantees December 31, 2023
Final RC billing to DDS January 31, 2024

Community Resource Development Plan

FY 22/23 NBRC’s Local Priorities

A Community Resource Development Plan (CRDP) is developed by each Regional Center in California with stakeholder input. This plan is used to develop new resources for individuals served by our Regional Center. For FY 22/23, NBRC surveyed families, clients, staff, and vendors to gather additional input on service needs that NBRC should develop in 2023 and beyond.   This year NBRC received 588 responses resulting in the below priority areas for NBRC’s Community Resource Development Plan.

FY 22/23 NBRC Resource Needs for Local Priorities:

Adult Services: 39.46%

Early Start Services: 29.76%

Children & Family Services: 20.92%

Target Population: 0-3yrs

*Infant Development Programs


*Individualized/ Family Training

Target Population: 3-12yrs

*Behavior Therapeutic Services

*Intensive behavior services for children with Autism

*Socialization skills/ training program

Target Population: 13-18yrs

* Socialization skills/ training program

* Behavior Therapeutic Services

* Individualized/ Family Training

Target Population: 18-59
* Independent/ SLS
* Day Services with focus on employment
* Residential license facilities

Target Population:  60yrs ( +)
* Independent/ SLS
* Residential license facilities

Last Year Survey Results
For FY 21/22, NBRC gathered stakeholder input via survey and determined the below local priorities for NBRC’s Community Resource Development Plan:

  • Day/Employment Programs that focus on competitive integrated employment
  • Behavior Therapy for children
  • Social Training for teens
  • Home Health Care Services for Seniors
  • Affordable Housing
  • Licensed Residential Homes
  • Services that focus on Autism
  • Services that focus on Substance Abuse

Request For Proposal (RFP)

Selection Committee

North Bay Regional Center (NBRC) conducts ongoing RFPs, for projects associated with the annual Community Placement Plan (CPP) and Community Resource Development Plan (CRDP), as well as, Level 4 Alternative Residential Model (ARM) homes and Specialized Residential Facilities (SRF).  A committee will be needed to assist with reviewing and scoring submitted proposals.  The selection committee must consist of one (1) or more individuals from the below categories but not limited to:

  • NBRC Case Management Representative (s)
  • NBRC Resource Development Representative (s)
  • NBRC Quality Assurance Representative (s)
  • Consumer/ Family Representative (s)
  • Non Vendor Community Representative (s)

If you are interested in becoming a committee member, or for further information and assistance please contact Shawan Casborn at (707) 256-1187 or via email

On Going Request for Proposals

ARM Level 4

NBRC develops level four homes through the targeted procurement process in which NBRC identifies the need for new specialized level 4 homes in Napa, Solano or Sonoma Counties.  NBRC issues a “Request for Proposal” (RFP) to all vendors and public at large to respond to the development need.  Only those individuals selected to open a specific level four home through this process are awarded the opportunity to develop a level four home.

NBRC is searching for Level 4A- 4I Residential Service Providers in Napa, Solano and Sonoma Counties

Below please find the Request for Proposal (RFP) and required forms:

Ongoing L4 RFP

Sample of staffing schedule

Community Care Facility (CCF) Budget