Requests for Proposals

Disparity Grant Funding

Fiscal Year 2019-2020

Building Capacity for Bilingual Respite Services

2019-20 RFP Bilingual Respite



Request for Proposal Community Placement Plan (CPP) & Community Resource Development Plan (CRDP)

Fiscal Year 2019-2020

Enhanced Behavior Support Homes – Residential Provide Funding Only – CPP Project (1920-1) $175,00

Dental Services (1920-9) $50,000

documents below:




Community Resource Development Plan FY 20/21 – NBRC’s Local Priorities

A Community Resource Development Plan (CRDP) is developed by each regional center in California with stakeholder input. This plan will be used to develop new resources for individuals with developmental


For FY 20/21, NBRC gathered stakeholder input via survey and determined the below local priorities for NBRC’s Community Resource Development Plan:

  • Day/Employment Programs that focus on competitive integrated employment
  • Behavior Therapy for children
  • Social Training for teens
  • Home Health Care Services for Seniors
  • Affordable Housing
  • Licensed Residential Homes
  • Services that focus on Autism
  • Services that focus on Substance Abuse


On Going Request for Proposals Levels 4a-4i

NBRC is searching for Level 4A- 4I Residential Service Providers in Napa, Solano and Sonoma Counties

Below please find the Request for Proposal (RFP) and required forms:

Ongoing L4 RFP

Sample of staffing schedule

Community Care Facility (CCF) Budget