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What services does NBRC provide?

Community-Based Organization: North Bay Regional Center Presentation

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Department of Developmental Services – (Partial) List of Regional Center Services and Description
Posting the above link fulfills requirements found in Assembly Bill 959.  The list was developed with input from regional center staff, the Association of Regional Center Agencies and the State Council on Developmental Disabilities.  The list includes services commonly purchased by regional centers and descriptions for each service; however, the list is not fully inclusive of all regional center services and supports. The Department of Developmental Services will also translate and post the list in 10 additional languages.  The list can be found on the DDS website.

North Bay Regional Center is committed to providing the highest quality of services to our clients. These services are individualized and must be related to the client’s disability. Services available may include:

  • Diagnosis and evaluation
  • Individual Program Planning
  • Prevention services
  • Crisis intervention
  • Family support services, as determined on a case-by-case basis
  • Advocacy
  • Consultation with other agencies
  • Program evaluation
  • Community education
  • Community resource development
  • Coordination of services with community providers such as school, health, welfare and recreation resources
  • Transition planning

Regional centers do not provide direct services, but instead contract with NBRC Service Providers, or Vendors, for direct services. Upon meeting with individuals’ support teams, NBRC Service Coordinators assess for support needs that enable individuals to live as independently as possible through the Individual Program Plan (IPP) process.

 Self Determination

California is taking the necessary steps to launch the Self-Determination Program (SDP). Giving clients and families more freedom, control, and responsibility in choosing services and supports, NBRC and the State Council on Developmental Disabilities regional office are working together to get information on SDP out to our community. For more information and/or to join the stakeholder group, click on the flyers below and read more about Self-Determination here.   Check out the video about Self Determination here. You may also view NBRC’s Self Determination page here for meeting dates and more information.

SD in Plain Language

Self-Determination Program (En Espanol)

Self-DeterminationEnrollment: instructions regarding enrollment in the Self-Determination Program and how participants will be selected.

For further information regarding client services, please see specific service descriptions on this website and consult with your NBRC Service Coordinator or sent inquires to: