Annual Family Program Fee

Annual Family Program Fee: In July of 2011, legislators added section (WIC 4785) to the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Act, establishing the Annual Family Program Fee (AFPF) for families of minor children living at home.

Who Must Pay an Annual Fee?

If your son or daughter is under 18 years of age and living at home, is an active client of the regional center AND receives a purchased service through the regional center other than assessment, respite, or day care, you may be assessed a $200 annual family program fee.
The law requires the annual family program fee to be assessed each year on the anniversary date of the initial fee assessment.
Each year when the family is assessed to determine eligibility for the fee, the family will have the opportunity to request an adjustment or exemption.
Fees are paid to the state Department of Developmental Services (DDS) by check or money order. The regional center does not receive your fee payment.
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Parental Fee Program for minor children who live outside the family home:

The State of California requires that parents of children under the age of 18 who live outside of the family home (in a licensed home funded by the regional center) shall be assessed for a parental fee.