Special Incident Reports

COVID-19 SIR Reporting Requirements

On March 25, 2020 The Department of Developmental Services issued a directive DDS Directive 01032520 – Reporting Incidents Related to COVID-19 in SANDIS with direction to vendors on which incidents related to COVID-19 should be Special Incident Reports (SIR).  Below are the specific incidents that are required to be reported as SIRs:

  • An individual has had direct contact with provider staff who has tested positive for COVID-19;
  • An individual is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms and has received medical attention at a hospital, emergency room or urgent care clinic due to COVID symptoms;
  • An individual tested positive for COVID-19;
  • An individual death is related to COVID-19, either by confirmed positive COVID-19 testing or by medical diagnosis unconfirmed by testing

Please see the below COVID-19 Reporting Flow Chart

COVID Reporting Flow Chart

Special Incident Report (SIR) Procedures

All Regional Center Vendors and Long Term Care Facilities serving Regional Center consumers are required under the California Code of Regulations  to report Special Incidents involving consumers to the Regional Center within 24 hours of the incident. In addition to reporting requirements outlined in TITLE 17, the Regional Center also has specific reporting requirements for vendors for other types of Special Incidents not listed in regulations.

We require that all Vendors and Long Term Care Facilities:

  •  Notify the North Bay Regional Center Special Incident (SIR) Coordinator via phone  (707-256-1259);
    by fax (707-256-1270); or email (SIR@NBRC.net) of all special incidents within 24 hours of knowledge of the incident.
  •  Submit a written report within 48 hours attn: NBRC SIR Coordinator Fax # (707) 256-1270 or email: SIR@nbrc.net
  • Notify applicable licensing (CCL, DHCS, Public Health, APS, Ombudsman, Police, etc) entity per regulations.
  • Notify responsible person, (i.e., parent, guardian, conservator) per requirements.
  • Submit update to North Bay Regional Center within 30-days, if applicable

Special Incident Report
(The above link will download a fillable PDF form to your computer)

Trouble- shooting information here: PDF SIR Form Information)

Vendor Trainings, including SIR can be found here: 

SIR categories per T17

Restraint Information

Restraint checklist

Restraint Reporting Requirements

Reporting Requirements for Vendors of Crisis or Residential Services


Napa County APS/ Napa County CPS / Napa County Victim Witness

Solano County APS/ Solano County CPS/ Solano County Victim Witness

Sonoma County APS/ Sonoma County CPS/ Sonoma County Victim Witness

Community Care Licensing (CCL)/Title 22 Regulations