How to Apply for Services

To apply for services; parents, unconserved adults, legal guardians or conservators should contact the Intake Referral Coordinator at 707-256-1180 or  Children under age 3 will be referred to Early Start.  The Intake Referral Coordinator, will either make the referral for assignment, or refer the caller to the appropriate community resource.

A comprehensive intake interview will occur and a face to face meeting of the applicant is required.  Applicants and their families may submit independent assessments for consideration by NBRC.  NBRC will review all medical, educational, developmental and psychological assessments available.  NBRC may require additional assessments funded by NBRC or a generic resource available to the applicant in the community.  There is no cost to the applicant for assessment provided by NBRC.

Once all documentation is provided and assessments and reports are completed, the information will be reviewed to determine if the applicant meets eligibility criteria.


The applicant is notified of the results of eligibility determination and will be assigned a Service Coordinator.  The Service Coordinator will meet with the family within 60 days in order to complete the Individual Program Plan (IPP).


The applicant is contacted and notified of the results of the eligibility determination.  Recommendations and referrals to the community are made to support the individual.  A Notice of Action is sent certified mail within 5 working days from the date of determination of ineligibility.


  1. Application for NBRC
  2. Intake Questionnaire Form
  3. Photograph/Video Consent form
  4. Consent and Authorization to Release and Obtain Information
  5. HIPAA or Kaiser release forms
  6. Proof of insurance
  7. Proof of Conservatorship or Power of Attorney
  8. Proof of Adoption or Legal Guardianship
  9. Special Needs Trust
  10. Voter Registration Forms

If you are interested in applying for Lanterman services please complete the intake inquiry packet.

An Intake Referral Coordinator will call you as soon as possible to discuss the next steps of the intake process.

INQUIRY packet Spanish

NBRC Intake Inquiry Packet