Increasingly, Adults With Down Syndrome Face Alzheimer’s

Marilyn Long gives some medication to her brother, Jeff Malanoski, 57, during breakfast. Long and her husband, Mike, far left, take care of Jeff, who was born with Down Syndrome and has now developed Alzheimer’s. Jeff Malanoski sat in front of his bowl of cereal, watching “The Price is Right” and forgetting to eat his breakfast. His sister, Marilyn Long, sat at the table next to him and repeatedly reminded him. “Why don’t you eat your cereal?” she coaxed, reaching over his shoulder to give it a stir. Her husband, Mike Long, sighed. “It takes forever,” he said.

It didn’t used to. Malanoski has Down syndrome, but until a few years ago, he ate without prompting, dressed himself and was relatively easy for the Longs to care for in their Elk Grove Village, Ill. home. Read more.