Lanterman Coalition Push Continues

Change.Org petition urging reform nearing 4,000 signatures

The 19-member Lanterman Coalition, including ARCA, is urging the Brown administration to stop the current state of collapse of our system. This starts with a 10% reinvestment in developmental services as a stop-gap until rates for service providers, and regional center budget calculations, can be reformed. But while our organizations are working hard here at the Capitol, the most important element of this campaign isn’t here in Sacramento.

That element is you. Your calls. Your visits. Your advocacy. And there’s a simple reason why. Change comes from the ground up.

Key sources in the Legislature made it clear that this year legislative leaders will take their cues from the rank and file members of the Assembly and Senate. But how do individual legislators develop their priorities? By hearing what the people who got them elected have to say. Are you taking this critical opportunity to have your say? If you aren’t, this is the best time to start, by meeting with, and talking to, your elected representatives!

Does fixing our system’s funding matter to you? Then now is the time to tell your state Senator and Assemblymember! Tell them that developmental services is a priority!

The Lanterman Coalition’s Change.Org petition! Join the thousands of Californians signing on and telling their legislators “support the developmental disabilities community!” Click, sign, and share it on!