Sonoma Developmental Center update – message from our Executive Director

­­Today, December 17th, 2018, the last NBRC client transitioned from Sonoma Developmental Center (SDC) into the community.

Congratulations to everyone involved with this historic effort!

To put this accomplishment into perspective, SDC opened in 1891 and has been a fixture of the North Bay community ever since.  SDC served thousands of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities over more than a century, with several thousand people residing there during its peak.

The closure of SDC was announced in 2015, making this the fastest closure process in California history.  Since the announcement, NBRC transitioned 93 individuals into new homes – many of whom had lived at SDC for decades.  Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our staff and community partners, the transitions were very successful.  While there were some bumps along the way, individuals and families are overwhelmingly satisfied with their new living environments.  Feedback from individuals, families, and service providers indicates that people are happy and thriving, as they adjust to life in the community.

During this process, NBRC renovated and vendored 28 homes (including the first Community Crisis Home in the state and the second Enhanced Behavioral Support Home), opened 4 new day programs, and opened the first integrated Federally Qualified Health Clinic specializing in serving people with developmental disabilities.  The resources developed are of the highest quality and will be available to the NBRC community in perpetuity.

I cannot overstate the gratitude and appreciation I feel towards everyone involved with this historic effort.  Your hard work, attention to detail, diligence, dedication and commitment are truly inspirational.  Thank you and congratulations!

We did it!

Gabriel Rogin

Executive Director

North Bay Regional Center