State Bills Threaten to Close Developmental Center

Two state bills target the Fairview Developmental Center for closure so that funding can be diverted to other community-based disability program. The bills’ authors contend that the state-owned center in Costa Mesa and another in Northern California — which both provide 24-hour care to people with severe disabilities — have become too costly to run considering how few patients they serve. Sen. Jeff Stone (R-Murrieta) said California taxpayers pay about $500,000 a year toward each patient’s care at Fairview and the Sonoma Developmental Center. Closing them and shifting funds to the state’s host of regional centers would cost much less, about $17,000 per person, he said.

“By shutting down these large and outdated state institutions and shifting the money to regional centers, those in need of state services will receive better care and more support,” Stone said a statement.

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