Statement from NBRC on the Wine Country Fires


In the aftermath of one of the most destructive, damaging and expensive fires in our state’s history, North Bay Regional Center would be remiss in not acknowledging the tireless efforts of our fire fighters, first responders and other emergency and public safety personnel. Their efforts helped ensure the health and safety of some of the most vulnerable people we serve in Napa, Solano and Sonoma counties.

In addition to those in public service, we also appreciate the efforts of North Bay service provider community, staff from Sonoma Developmental Center and other direct support professionals who worked tirelessly around the clock to help with evacuation and placement of those residing in both the community and at Sonoma Developmental Center. Thanks to these joint efforts, along with strong support from the California Health and Human Services Agency and Department of Developmental Services, as the fires raged on we were collectively moving people quickly and safely into facilities and locations where they received ongoing and continuous medical and rehabilitative support.

Regarding the direct impact to North Bay Regional Center, we are happy to report that out of the over 9,000 people we serve in our three counties, we have received notification of only loss of one life due to natural causes in the transition. Outside of the one person served, all others are safe and accounted for. Out of those we serve, 23 people lost their homes, a majority of them from the Santa Rosa area. Of our 225 NBRC staff, we had no major injuries or loss of life, but sad to report that two employees and three of our NBRC volunteer board members lost their homes. Among our service providers, we are happy to share there was no loss of life or vendor structures (care homes, day program sites, etc.)

At this time, the state and local jurisdictions are still in the process of tabulating property damage and losses. To date, reported statistics have 14,000 residential homes destroyed or partially destroyed, 728 commercial properties destroyed and estimated financial loss totaling over $9 bilion in the over 210,000 acres burned. For regular updates on the Wine Country fires and other information about NBRC, please subscribe to our updates and follow us on Facebook.

We remain committed to the lives of people with developmental disabilities and the recovery of our region. There will be much rebuilding and growth that will rise from the ashes of this recent tragedy, but in the meantime we have work to do. We have 23 people served and many others who were indirectly impacted by the fires who need permanent, stable housing again and replacement of their personal care items.

Please direct any financial donations and tax-deductible gifts towards “Friends of North Bay Regional Center” a private, 501(c)3 organization supporting direct assistance to people with developmental disabilities in Napa, Solano and Sonoma counties.