Tragedy at Inland Regional Center

Yesterday two armed individuals- a man and woman- entered Inland Regional Center- one of California’s 21 non-profit regional centers- and opened fire. The entire developmental services community has rallied around regional center employees, families, and people with developmental disabilities as their safety is our paramount concern.

While  there were no known threats against other regional centers, out of an abundance of caution, eight centers closed early yesterday and NBRC employed additional security. Today we know that no Inland Regional Center employees nor individuals receiving services were harmed, but our hearts are heavy knowing innocent lives were cut short. Regional centers are places that connect families and people with developmental disabilities to their communities, and safety and health is paramount to our service system. While any act of violence is a tragedy, in a place focused on services to people with developmental disabilities, it is even harder to comprehend.
“ARCA, the regional centers, and the developmental disabilities community are united in mourning and support. The victims of today’s shooting were connected to us by service to those in need. Our hearts are with all those affected,” said Anne Struthers, President of the Association of Regional Centers (ARCA) Board of Directors.