Upcoming Rally, Hearings – Your Voice, Your Services, Your Chance to Help!

Last week, the Legislature’s in-house analysts released a report saying California’s finances are looking better than ever.. In a year and a half, we’ll have over $11 billion in reserves. To see our system tap into that, we need to get the Governor’s support – and ensure we aren’t included in threatened cuts of over a billion dollars.

We must continue to #SpeakForJustice! Can you join us?
On Tuesday, December 1st, there are TWO hearings, one in Los Angeles, and one in Sacramento. The LA hearing will cover general special session topics – a session that includes us, and is supposed to address the crisis in the developmental services system. The Sacramento hearing is about children with special needs – and this includes many families in our system. Come to both and advocate for 10% + Reform!

On Thursday, December 10th, advocates will hold a three-part rally in Sacramento. Starting at the Tower Bridge, we will march to the North Steps of the Capitol. There, we’ll raise our voices and speak for justice. Afterwards, it’s off to the Governor’s mansion to show that our community isn’t going away. Bring noisemakers!

And on Thursday, December 17th, there will be a second informational hearing, in Oakland. A follow-up to the LA hearing, this one will focus on a tobacco tax. But the special session was supposed to be a way to fix our system, which is being pushed by the funding crisis over the brink. We need you to remind these legislators that 10% + Reform is the solution our system needs!