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CMS Settings Rules



CMS Settings Rule overview: CMS Final Rule

Fact Sheet: https://www.dds.ca.gov/HCBS/HCBS-SettingRule-FactSheet.cfm

Frequently Asked Questions: https://www.dds.ca.gov/HCBS/HCBS-Rules-FAQ.cfm

CMS Informational Bulletin

HCBS Setting Overview Training Flyer

HCBS Compliance Activities Funding

In recognition that service providers will need to continue taking steps towards modifying their services, the 2017 Budget Act (AB 97, Chapter 14, Statutes of 2017) contains $15 million to fund changes that are necessary for providers to come into compliance with the HCBS rules by March 2022.

Information regarding the funding process, by fiscal year is available below.


DDS approved concepts FY 18.19 DDS Approved Concepts FY 18.19 NBRC

DDS approved concepts FY 17.18 DDS Approved Concepts – NBRC

DDS approved concepts FY 16.17 DDS Approved Concepts – NBRC

NBRC Billing Instructions: Billing Training 7-2019