The Department of Developmental Services (Department) is pleased to announce the Home and Community-Based Services Settings Final Rule Training initiative. This initiative aims to provide more information and support for stakeholders in California to be in alignment with the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Settings Final Rule. The Department is partnering with Public Consulting Group and Support Development Associates for these trainings.


The initiative will consist of a series of in-person trainings and webinars held across the state in 2019 at no cost to training participants.  The initiative will consist of 14 trainings that cover specific topics related to the HCBS Settings Final Rule, including an overview of the HCBS Settings Final Rule; how person-centered service planning supports the rule; an overview of the provider assessment process, including consumer input; and achieving compliance.  Six trainings will be in-person, and eight trainings will be web-based.

Trainings will be held from August through October 2019.

The purpose of these trainings is to educate, train, and support all California stakeholders to better understand the HCBS Settings Final Rule and inform all stakeholders about California’s process for coming into compliance with the Final Rule. These trainings will help assure that key stakeholders, including individuals and their families, providers, and regional center staff are knowledgeable of, and understand the principles of HCBS, including the importance of person-centered service planning.  This knowledge is critical as the Department undertakes the assessment of services required by the rule and works with all stakeholders throughout the transition process. While certain topics are more directed to providers or to individuals and families, each training is open to all California stakeholders. Public Consulting Group or Support Development Associates will provide a glossary of terms at the beginning of each training to create a common vocabulary so that all stakeholders can benefit from each training.

The first training of this series is a webinar that will provide an overview of the HCBS Settings Final Rule. There will be four two-hour webinars on the same topic, each covering the same material. Information to register is provided in the HCBS Setting Overview Training Flyer and the Department requests your assistance in sharing with individuals and family members receiving regional center services, regional center staff, consumer or family-run committees and organizations, vendor committees, and other community-based organizations.


Materials and recorded webinar and/or presentations will be distributed by e-mail and posted on the Department’s website at https://www.dds.ca.gov/HCBS/.