FY 2023-24 NBRC Service Development Priorities

Community Resource Development Plan FY 23-24 – NBRC’s  Local Priorities

A Community Resource Development Plan (CRDP) is developed by each regional center in California with stakeholder input. This plan will be used to develop new resources for individuals with developmental disabilities living in the community.

NBRC gathered stakeholder input via survey and needs assessments to determined the below DRAFT local priorities for the development of NBRC’s Community Resource Development Plan:

  • Paid Employment Programs
  • Behavioral Services
  • Speech Therapy
  • Socialization and Training Programs for teens
  • Dental Services
  • Home Health Services
  • Housing for individuals with intense behavioral needs
  • Affordable Housing

NBRC will submit its 2023-24 fiscal year Community Resource Development Plan to the Department of Developmental Services by November 13, 2023.  Once the plan is approved by the Department of Developmental Services, NBRC will publish Requests for Proposals asking service providers to develop new services to meet these priorities.