The Social-Sexual Education Project

Through funding from the Mental Health Services Act and in partnership with the Department of Developmental Services, North Bay Regional Center is working on an exciting new project, The Social-Sexual Education Project! This Project is designed to teach people with developmental disabilities about healthy and safe relationships and how to recognize sexual abuse and coercion.

The Social-Sexual Education Project involves 3 phases:

Phase 1: The Development Phase

The development phase involves the creation of two education programs for people with developmental disabilities that are designed to teach them about healthy and safe relationship development. The Introductory Program focuses on boundaries, public versus private behavior, how to demonstrate assertiveness appropriately, and how to develop a dating relationship. The Advanced Program focuses on dating safety, coercion and sexual abuse, pregnancy and contraception, as well as sexually transmitted infections and safer sex.

*The creators of this project are currently recruiting volunteer actors and actresses to pose in pictures and to act in videos that will be a part of the education program! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact Dr. Katie Pedgrift at    

Phase 2: The Teaching Phase

The Teaching Phase will include pilot testing the two programs. Local professionals including teachers, therapists, behaviorists, and psychologists will teach the programs to the people they serve. Classes will be offered in a variety of settings including classrooms, counseling offices, and even in people’s homes. These professionals will provide feedback to the project creators so the education material can be modified to maximum learning outcomes.

Phase 3: Evaluation Phase

The evaluation phase involves interpreting pre- and post-assessment outcomes, and determining what people learn from participating in the education programs. During this phase we will share this important information with professionals, families, advocates, and consumers. We want people with disabilities to have access to information about how to develop healthy and safe relationships while avoiding abuse and coercion. We hope this project is successful in achieving this goal!


If you would like to learn more about this project and/or hear about classes that may be offered in your area, please contact Dr. Katie Pedgrift at


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