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ABX2-1 Survey Support in Person

North Bay Regional Center will be hosting forums to support vendors in completing the ABX2-1 survey. Technical assistance and support will be offered to vendors experiencing difficulties completing the survey.

Survey Support Forums @ NBRC

*Please come prepared to complete the survey, payroll information will be needed.

  610 Airpark Rd. Napa, CA, NBRC’s Napa Office

Sept 13th 10-12 & 2-4

Sept 19th 1-3

Sept 27th  10-12

2351 Mendocino Ave, NBRC’s Santa Rosa Office

September 12th   10-12 & 1-3

September 20th  10-12

Please RSVP to

                       Vendors may arrive at any time during the forum.

Please come prepared with vendor number, service code, and tax id or social security number.





As you are aware, with the enactment of Assembly Bill (ABX2-1) (Chapter 3, Statutes of 2016), the program(s), listed above, received a rate increase effective July 1, 2016.  The rate increase was for the purpose of increasing wages and/or benefits for staff that spend a minimum of 75 percent of their time providing direct services to consumers.

In order to meet this statutory timeline, we request that you complete the mandated survey on or before Friday, September 15, 2017.

Please know that the failure to complete the ABX2-1 rate survey(s) will result in your program(s) forfeiting the ABX2-1 rate increase.  Therefore, we highly encourage you to complete the ABX2-1 rate survey by the established timeline above.

We request that you complete the mandated survey by registering and logging into the following website links:

Step 1:  Service Provider ABX2-1 Portal Registration Link (First Time/New User):

Step 2:  Service Provider ABX2-1 Survey Link (Once registered, Use the following link to login into the portal to complete the survey):


Learn how to complete the survey



Should you have any questions about the ABX2-1 rate increase or need assistance, please contact the below.  Thank you in advance for your immediate attention to this request.


Or call

(607) 218-4167


January 1, 2017 Minimum Wage Adjustment Request Process

Due to the enactment of Senate Bill (SB) 3, the California minimum wage increased to $10.50 per hour, effective January 1, 2017, for employers with 26 or more employees. As a result, a number of regional center vendors may be eligible for a rate adjustment in order to pay employees the new minimum wage.

Which Providers/Services Should Submit Minimum Wage Request to NBRC?

All providers of services with rates established in the following ways may be eligible for a rate adjustment:

  1. You employ 26 or more employees.
  2. Rates set by regional centers through negotiation.
  3. Pay or are paying employees less than $10.50 per hour.

Instructions and Workbook

The workbook below should be used by applicable vendors to submit rate adjustment requests to NBRC.  Detailed instructions are contained in the tabs that precede the worksheets.

  • For Supported Living Services (896) vendors paid using a monthly rate tier, use a separate workbook for each tier and/or PAR rate.


Rate adjustment requests workbooks and payroll records must be submitted to no later than March 1, 2017.  Any rate adjustments approved will be effective January 1, 2017.


“ABX2-1” new rates for current providers

The enactment of Assembly Bill ABX2-1 (“ABX2-1”) and the FY2016-2017 State Budget authorized by California’s Legislators established new provider rates effective July 1, 2016.

Click here for Rate Increases-New Rates for Current Providers

The Department of Developmental Services has recently released Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for rate changes made with ABX2-1.  Please visit the below link to view the FAQs

DDS ABX2-1 Frequently Asked Questions

Process for Residential Change in Capacity

The enactment of the bill also established rates for the Alternative Residential Model (ARM) community care facilities vendored to serve four or fewer consumers.

View the cover letter to service providers re: new provider rates

View Updated ARM Rates

The establishment of these rates is intended to support our system readiness for changes in Home and Community Based Settings (HCBS) where individuals will need access to choosing single rooms when preferred over shared room settings. As such the process for requesting a residential change in capacity is meant to be a permanent change to your vendorization, as opposed to a variable, sliding scale rate depending on a home’s current occupancy.

If you currently have more residents than your desired capacity level, you will need to work with your consumer planning teams and conduct appropriate IPP planning before any changes to your vendorization can be made. This new rate is not intended to displace individuals from their homes. Should you wish to make this change to your vendorization, please submit a formal letter on your agency’s letter head requesting this change. Considering residential services have a monthly rate, the effective date for the change in capacity rate will be the first of the month. Please note, the first of the month effective date may vary depending on when the request was made. See example below:

• Any request from October 1-15, the effective date is November 1st
• Any request from October 16-30, the effective date is December 1st

Additionally please attach a copy of your current license for the home, though we understand your licensed capacity may remain unchanged. Your submission will then be added to your vendor file as a program design addendum. You may submit your request electronically at or post mail to the Community Services Department.


North Bay Regional Center/Vendor Advisory Committee Holiday Schedule Fiscal Year 2017-2018

Click on the below link to view the Day Program  and Transportation  approved at the Vendor Advisory Committee June 13, 2017

Holiday Schedule FY18


Electronic Invoicing

Service Providers may use this  Service Provider Portal Agreement  and NBRC Email Notice to receive purchase of service authorizations and/or turnaround invoices by email in lieu of mail. Please download and complete, and return to NBRC Fiscal Department. For the Invoicing Schedule for 2017-18, click here: Invoice – Payment schedule FY 18


Year End Reminder

Year End Auth reminder – 2018











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