Person-Centered Planning


What is Person-Centered Planning?

Person-centered planning is about the individual’s future and reaching their goals. The process should be driven by the individual and reflect what is important to and for that person. Person-centered planning can include other people, such as family or friends, only if the individual chooses to include them in the process. The individual choices decided through person-centered planning about what the participant wants and needs and what services and supports will help them reach their goals is used to inform their individual program plan (IPP) with their regional center.


Resources to Support You

There are two unique resources available for clients enrolling in the Self-Determination Program for the first time. Should you choose to hire a Person-Centered Planner and/or an Independent Facilitator to assist you with the enrollment process, NBRC will reimburse up to $2,500 for both services combined. For details, please send an email to the SDP Team. 


More PCP Information