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What’s involved?

It is important to find people to help you who understands your needs, knows your community, and with whom you are comfortable.  You will need to interview people you might hire to help you. Here are some ideas to help you with finding, interviewing and selecting people to help you meet your goals and achieve your dreams.

If you need it, ask for help from people you trust. Once you have found people who you might be interested in hiring, schedule an interview.  Some people like to interview potential staff on the phone first and then schedule another interview in person. For people you want to hire, call their references (see attached possible questions for references). If possible, you might also ask people who are not on their reference list. After you offer to hire someone, meet with them to sign an agreement that lists how much they will be paid, when they will work, and any other things you want them to agree to. If they are providing personal care, they must get a background check.

You can also ask any other people you hire to get a background check. (There are specific background checks for the Self-Determination Program). Once their background check is approved, the person can begin working for you. Remember to ask your FMS for help to make sure you are abiding by all laws and paying all taxes.

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