Mental Health Survey

Hello NBRC Community,

CA Service System Survey

NBRC is partnering with the Center for START Services (CSS) at the University of New Hampshire’s Institute on Disability/UCED as part of the expansion of START services in California. Part of this process is to gather input from our community on the current mental health needs for individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (IDD) and mental health needs (IDD-MH).  The goal is to determine what services are currently working well in our area and where improvements are needed. This list of questions is intended to learn from you about existing services in your community for people with IDD-MH, including persons with autism. This survey includes services that may be funded by regional centers, county mental health/behavioral services or insurance.

Please rate each question listed using the scale found below and put additional explanations in the space provided.  When responding about service availability in your community, please think about community as the area in which you or the people that you serve can realistically access needed services. At the end of the survey, we welcome you to identify any additional gaps in service effectiveness that you would like us to be aware of.

We are hoping to collect as many responses as possible from individuals working in or using any aspect of the service system (mental health, ID/DD services, education, drug/alcohol treatment, hospitals, justice, etc.), so please take a few minutes to both complete this survey by clicking on the link below, and then to forward this link to as many people within your organization and/or contact list as possible and ask them to complete it and forward it as well.

To begin the survey, please click on the below link

CA Service System Survey