Social Recreational Policy!

We are excited to announce that Social Recreational services for regional center participants have been restored!


Servicios Sociales Recreationales estan de regreso!

Self-Determination Program

The Self-Determination Program in California is exciting because it provides individuals and families receiving Regional Center services the opportunity to spend their budget in alternate ways, including on services not available through the traditional service delivery system, with providers who may not be “vendored,” or have a contract with the Regional Center, and in the amounts they choose.

If you are interested in learning more about Self-Determination, or have any questions or concerns, we invite you to be part of our community! You can:

1) Request your Service Coordinator refer you for free Self-Determination coaching services available through Education Spectrum, courtesy of funding through NBRC’s Local Advisory Committee (SDAC). You can also self-refer at
2) Contact NBRC’s bilingual Self-Determination team at or 707-200-8123
3) Attend an online orientation, which is required before transitioning to the program. These orientations are available at in multiple languages.
4) Attend an upcoming family training session via Zoom (please see flyer)
5) Attend the bi-monthly Local Volunteer Advisory Committee meetings (please see flyer)
6) Visit to join a Statewide Self-Determination Program Forum hosted by the State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD).
7) Visit to find providers.

Please visit the following link to register:



Need to Contact Us?


Need to Contact Us?

We have set up a designated email address that is being monitored by our receptionist in both offices. Please email:

Your inquiry will be routed to the appropriate individual for assistance.

Additionally, our after hours service is available @


NBRC Community Vaccination Video

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Volver a la Normalidad – Spanish from Alchemia on Vimeo.

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