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NBRC Annual Disparity Report FY 22-23Per recent amendment to the Lanterman Act (Section 4519.5 of the Welfare and Institutions Code), all regional centers are required to provide a report of our expenditures across identified demographic groups (e.g., by disability, by age, by race or ethnicity, or by language) and to hold a public meeting with stakeholders regarding the data.

NBRC collaborates with the Department of Developmental Services to prepare this report. We encourage you to keep limitations to this report in mind when reviewing the data.

For example:
• Due to limitations in the statewide Uniform Fiscal System, not all expenditures can be reflected in this report. For example services that we purchase under a contract, such as some supported employment services, transportation, etc are not counted in this data.
• It also does not include authorized expenditures for services which have been provided but have not yet been billed to the regional center by service providers.
• This report does not reflect services in Individual/Family Service Plans that are funded by MediCal, Supplemental Security Income, health plans, etc

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ServByDiagnosisExp  NoneByDiagnosisLeg
NoneByDiagnosisExp NoneByDiagnosisSum
ServByResidence  NoneByEthnicity
ServByLanguageOvr  InsByResidence
ServByLanguage NoneByDiagnosisExp
ServByEthnicity  InsByLanguage
 ServByDiagnosisSum  InsByLanguageOvr
 ServByDiagnosisLeg  InsByDiagnosisSum
 ServByDiagnosisExp  InsByDiagnosisLeg
 NoneByResidence InsByDiagnosisExp
 NoneByLanguage Insurance by Ethnicity